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Welcome to Virtual Thomas Cook!
If you are looking for a virtual airline that simulates Thomas Cook Airlines then your in the right place!
This virtual airline simulates:
1) Thomas Cook Airlines UK

2) Condor (coming Soon)

3) Thomas Cook Scandinavia (coming soon)

4) Thomas Cook Balerics (coming soon)

1) You fly when you want...this airline has no mandatory 1 flight or 2 flights a month policy. 

2) A ranking system  

3) You are free to fly with other virtual airlines. 

With other words no restrictions...well almost...there is one restriction: you can fly only with a simrate of 1x 1 (second in real time is also 1 second in simulation time)

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Our Fleet

Our Thomas Cook Fleet exists out of 6 Active Aircraft!

                                                    Boeing 737-900
                                                    Boeing 737-800
                                                    Airbus A320/321
                                                    Airbus A330-3/200

Thomas Cook Airlinesnote these aircraft are not all of our aircfraft! because thomas cooks is  the mother company of :


Thomas Cook Scandinavia 

Thomas Cook Balerics 

Fun fact In total we have 48 Aircraft!



Πιλότοι 9
Αεροσκάφη στον στόλο 48
Διαδρομές 1192
Συνολικές ώρες: 838.69
Πτήσεις Συνολικά 12
Πτήσεις Τακτικές 12
Πτήσεις Charter 0
% Πτήσεις Τακτικές 100.00 %


CallsignΠιλότοςΑναχώρησηΆφιξηΗμερομηνίαΏρες Πτήσης
TCVA002Max Okhuijsen  EGKK  EGCC 2019-08-19 0.54
TCVA002Max Okhuijsen  EGCC  KJFK 2019-08-13 7.27
TCVA002Max Okhuijsen  EGKK  LCPH 2019-08-13 3.50
TCVA001Josh Glanfield  EGCC  KJFK 2019-08-13 7.32
TCVA002Max Okhuijsen  LGPZ  EGKK 2019-08-12 2.45


TCVA009-oliver ristau2019-09-11
TCVA008-Joao Dinis2019-09-11
TCVA767-Ben Lewis2019-09-07
TCVA006-Fortnite Gamer2019-08-21
TCVA005-Max Test2019-08-17




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